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Mary Batsakis' Artist StatementWe use words to express how we feel. To express something visual, it's quite hard to use words. So, how do I express my paintings in words? Well, here I go!!! Splashing vibrant colours that compliment each other on the canvas, is something that I feel is relaxing. I love to express my feelings on the canvas by utilising certain colours. Reds, oranges and violets all give feelings of passion and warmth. Dark colours such as greens, browns, blues and black are colours that make me feel cold and sadness.

Drawing and painting are my tools for artistic expression. Most nights and weekends I can be found painting in my studio at the rear of the house. When I paint, I use acrylics and the main reason is that they're water-soluble and dry quickly. This allows me to add layers to the work in a much quicker fashion and thus build on the thoughts created in my mind by the evolving painting.

There are two artists that have inspired me to paint. Jackson Pollock, one of the most influential abstract painters who said "I want to express my feelings, not illustrate them". The other is Tamara De Lempicka, who wanted to create a new style of painting with luminous colours and to bring out the elegance in her models.

My goal is to create emotional feelings on the canvas and to somehow reach out and touch my audience as they admire the lustrous colours that connects their inner feelings.


I hope you enjoy viewing my art,

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